Technology Consulting

Our Technology Consulting practice focuses exclusively on developing forward-thinking Business Intelligence (BI) services, and channels the growing power of Big Data. Our experts can assist your enterprise from the strategy and planning phase through implementation for Business Intelligence, Enterprise Systems Integration & Data Analytics.

Our management consultants, business analysts, data architects and engineers are experts in the field and leverage their collective knowledge, along with enterprise systems and data, helping organizations increase their value and competitive edge.

Assessment & Roadmaps

Assessments are the ideal starting point to make the business case for boosting your current business strategy by accurately measuring whether the existing BI, DW, or Big Data investment is paying or wasting resources. Specifically, your assessment includes a review of your firm’s Strategy, Business Goals, Data and Technical Architecture. The result allows you to realign your investment goals and priorities to create successful BI, DW, or Big Data projects and infrastructures.
Our Roadmaps are exactly what the name implies - a roadmap that helps directors and above put together a detailed plan that will position your organization for optimal return on your BI, Data Warehousing (DW), and Big Data analytics investments.

In a matter of days, our consultants are able to assimilate the Assessment’s findings and recommendations to deliver next-step action items and a high-level roadmap to guide your enterprise in creating opportunities for prosperity and growth. If your organization already has an existing roadmap, we can use our proficiency at evaluating, adapting, and implementing your plan to help you create best-in-class solutions. We will tailor our roadmap to your organization’s exact needs covering BI, DW, Big Data or any combination of them. We can additionally identify opportunities to reduce the cost of operation associated with multiple systems, growing information footprint and manual processes.

Proof of Concept

If your organizations is considering how to move forward or build on its Big Data or BI capabilities, and doesn’t want to invest valuable resources in untried processes that offer vague, imprecise outcomes, our Proof of Concept is the ideal service to achieve quantifiable proof that the direction your business is taking has the best chance of success with verifiable ROI. We help your organization conduct the much needed due diligence with smaller, more manageable use cases to prove the value of your Business Intelligence & Big Data process improvement programs.

This is done by carefully understanding the needs of your business and conceptualizing organizational goals, and then breaking down such larger initiatives into smaller use cases that are deployed and evaluated over a limited time frame to demonstrate whether a given Big Data or business intelligence initiative will take your organization in the required direction, with the best chance of success with verifiable ROI. This gives stakeholders the confidence to move forward and expand their resources in a more responsible, cost-conscious manner that builds on successful, proven outcomes.