Big Data Analytics

Are you looking to gain insights from social media, machine logs, sensors, and other Big Data sources? And also, would you want to review analytics from this streaming information in real-time dashboards? Our Big Data consulting team offers you the required expertise and services to enable your business take the next leap.

Today, we live in a brave new world of the connected devices and consumers. Multiple factors driving this trend include social media, smart phones, peer networks, forums, reviews, and more. In this vast ocean of data, there are nuggets of gold that your enterprise marketing, research, sales, and competitive intelligence teams can tap into and use to your benefit, enabling you to– Understand your brand, reputation, your customers and their interaction, your product/services, and your competition.

Big Data offers amazing potential, returning benefits on some of the wildest wishes your business users have always had, helping you accelerate your business. Let our team of Big Data Architects help your organization bring those wishes to life. Our Big Data Analytics consultants can help you quickly understand how Big Data technologies, tools and processes can transform your organization with game-changing capabilities. We help your organization take advantage of many of the best technologies Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and other data giants continue to use and enhance.

Our Big Data Analytics services focuses on helping you achieve a multitude of functions and outcomes, which will help you, bolster your business and add value to your clients.

  • Predictive Modeling
  • Advanced Statistical Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining
  • Embedded Analytics
  • Unstructured Data Management
  • Large Data Volumes & Velocity
  • Complex Data Integration - Variety
  • Industry Specific Research
  • Social Media Analytics

By combining our Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, and Big Data expertise with advanced statistical techniques, we provides meaningful added value to your analytics initiatives. Our expertise in Hadoop - based platforms, MPP databases, cloud storage systems, and other emerging technologies will help your enterprise get its feet wet with Big Data if you are just embarking on Big Data’s big return or have some infrastructure in place but need some help.